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I’m a working mom, who after two years of my kids attending the same neighborhood summer day camp, didn’t make the lottery drawing. (what??!!) I needed a safe, fun solution for my school-age kids’ summer care that was affordable and convenient (pronto).

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When planning D.I.Y. Day Camp, I used what I knew of the established neighborhood option and thought, how can I improve upon it for my kids, me and the camp itself?

The best part of my plan is that each of the days are flexible and interchangeable depending on your kids' personalities, your schedule and your budget.

The Staff

Flexibility, preference and budget also apply when choosing your D.I.Y. Day Camp staff. Here are your choices to consider:

 Shop Local: Your Favorite Baby Sitter(s)

 It Takes a Village: Your Neighborhood Parent
Network and/or Your Kids Friends Parents

 Or Go Pro

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D.I.Y. Days

Flexibility for all. A solution that is a fit for you and your kids. Get started with a plan that works for you...


The impetus for this portion of D.I.Y. Day Camp came in the form of me noticing how “dumb” my smart, wonderful kids were the first few weeks of returning to school after a summer of typical summer day camps. What happened to their brains over the summer??!!




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