This is my basic D.I.Y Day Camp plan, with one catch. I found that when it was time to return to school after traditional summer camp, my kids’ brains had gone to mush over the course of a summer. So each of my camp days had a basic EDUCATION component.

A solution that works for you and your kids…I’m a “fixer” by nature, so I came up with my own version of a day camp (a D.I.Y. hack, if you will) and “sold” the idea to my kids. They bought it and two weeks later when a spot opened up at my neighborhood day camp, they begged me to stick with my D.I.Y. Day Camp. Then after one successful pilot summer, they begged me to stick with it, over going back to our neighborhood camp.

Example week…      
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Sports Day Social Day Field Trip Day Social Day Free Day



Flexibility for all…After that, I started hearing from many of my fellow working parent pals of their summer day camp woes, like outrageous drop in fees, inflexible schedules and feeling cheated as their kids did the exact same activities they paid for last summer. After sharing my solution and receiving such positive feedback, I figured I’d do my part for better summer experiences for families everywhere by sharing D.I.Y. Day Camp via this web site.

A fit for you…So, take a look and see if it seems like a good fit for you and your family. The best part is that it’s not just a solution for summer. It can work whenever you need a care solution for your school-age kids. Here’s hoping it works for you, too!

Your Idea