Education Component

So, while certainly not accredited, nor endorsed by any particularly smart people, I simply required that my children engage their brains once a day as part of D.I.Y. Day Camp.They were free to do this at any time of the day depending on their schedule and there were two options: either read or do some form of math each day, with each option being required twice each week

Reading… Pick a book (or several, depending on the kid) and give me a verbal account of what they read that day. As it was summer, I did not require a written report, but it’s a nice option to have in your back pocket, in case you run into a disciplinary opportunity (ahem).


Math… For math, I had three options…

1) I asked their teachers before the school year was up if they had extra worksheets or workbooks from which I could make copies.

2) I went online and found sites like this and required completion of a set number of drills.

3) I encouraged team drills with flash cards, so that they could learn together.

Or Go Pro… Depending on how where your kid(s) are academically, you may want a more structured and formal approach. There are some options that will come to your home. Or if you have the ability to get them to a professional option, there are many fine options that a simple Google search can zero in on the fit that’s right for your kid.

Proof of Work... Again, while I was not a tyrant on the details here, I simply set myself a reminder for them to present their Proof of Work, which took any of these forms…

1) Verbal (or written) account of what they read that day. If you listen, it’s kind of an interesting “audio book” for you.

2) A completed worksheet.

3) Have your kids keep the window open from their online math exercise completions. You take a quick peek and ask a question or two.

4) Sibling or friend verification with the ability to name the most difficult flash card they conquered and how they did it (or something like that).

5) The Go Pro option will fulfill itself.

By incorporating this component into my plan, I was much happier with the level of engagement I saw in my kids upon returning to school. No more blank stares -- that's a win in my book.

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