Social/Activity Day

This is a great, fairly low-stress option for D.I.Y. Day Camp Social Activity Day that can be coordinated as a once a week play day with your friends, your kids friends/parents or even relatives whose schedules allow. So, talk to whomever could be a good fit for this option and explore if this is a plan that can work for them. In my case, I did this option twice a week with two different stay-at-home moms with kids who were my kids friends.

The key here is flexibility for all involved. In my case, one of my friends turned her Day into Movie and/or Library Day followed by lunch and play at the park. Another pal had no particular plan and she and the kids decided what they would do each day in a more spur-of-the-moment approach. Some days they would stay home and do crafts or play games, on others, they would hit the pool and sometimes they do a Field Trip Day or a Sports/Activity Day option.

Game Options

Classic Board Games Most of us have these sitting at the back of a closet or some other stash around the house. With the electronic age so prevalent, breaking these out provide valuable social interactions between kids that are rare and wonderful and build skills without them even realizing it. Bonus! or check out these options

Imagination and Brain Games

Everyone Loves a Theme


Craft Options

I wish I could say that crafts were my gift, but they are most certainly not. Luckily, there's an Internet full of highly gifted folks out there, with whom I am happy to connect you

And if You're into Keeping a Schedule



Your Idea